April 27 - May 1, 2023
Föglö, Åland Islands, Finland

Sara Skorgan Teigen
& Nina Worren
Unfinished Processes

Unfinished Processes is a three day intensive workshop led by the Norwegian visual artists Sara Skorgan Teigen and Nina Worren.

The idea is to concentrate on the artistic process rather than the finished result — to develop artistic sensibility and to highlight the value of notes and sketches. Perhaps it is precisely in the incomplete where value can be found.

Each participant will be working on a sketchbook, which will function as an important tool for the development of the artists’ work. The sketchbook can open up new possibilities for experimenting with material, form and content, and for exploring the chosen medium. Through both individual and collective exercises, and having the book as tool and object, the workshop aims to create a playful space, where artists can rediscover new topics, ways and practices.

Sara Skorgan Teigen is a interdisciplinary artist, with a base in photography and the artist’s book. The sketchbook is central to her practice, where she explores different aspects of being human. Sara has published two books: In Fractal State of Being (2014) and Sleeping State of Being (2022). Both books have been published by Journal and exhibited on three continents. She is currently pursuing a Master in Arts and Crafts at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Nina Worren is a curator, mentor and gallerist, based in Copenhagen. She works in photography, text, artist’s books, video and mixed media. Nina is currently pursuing a Master in photography at HDK-Valand, Högskolan för konst och design, in Gothenburg.

Participating artists: Øistein Sæthren Dahle (NO), Karl Henrik Edlund (FI), Marianne Fagermo (NO), Joel Hilska-Heikkinen (FI), Toivo Heinimäki (FI), Jessica Lindgren-Wu (SE), Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO) and Nina Worren (NO)

The workshop is arranged through Landmark rf and funded by Nordic Culture Fund.